Goodbye Google? Blog Relocation Update

It's been awhile, right?

I am actually a bit sheepish to admit that it's not so much due to any deliberate intention to neglect Blogspot, but mainly because my posts have not been carrying over from Wordpress as initially planned.
As the mirror settings do appear to be accurate (& I've been a bit overwhelmed with Spring activity), I really cannot say exactly why it's not working or spend much time trying to fix any problems at present. As such, it seems a far more time efficient endeavour for me to simply post a link here to redirect readers to my regularly active blog.
To be completely frank, I have actually been more than ready to abandon this final scrap of my relationship with Google anyway. Considering such, this little mishap seems like a wonderful indication from the Universe that it may very well be high time for me to commit fully to Wordpress and not worry too much about the cross-posting thing...

A lot has been happening:

  •  My raw/vegan "butter"/margarine recipe was just featured on two great blogs (including the fabulous Vegan Bloggers Unite!), whilst having been hailed as "the holy grail of butter" by another enthusiastic blogger (she wasn't even vegan, so I know it's a real crowd-pleaser across the board), which made me smile...
  • I celebrated 23 years of being vegan, right along with my birthday (which also coincides with "Cinco de Mayo"). The recipes shared in my commemorative post are a reflection of all elements.
  • I started juicing again, experimenting with leftover pulp, and am now bracing myself for my very very first online giveaway for those who wish to participate in "Juicy June" along with me!  

...and I have so much more to share!

Perhaps I shall retry the mirroring thing between sites sometime in future, but at present I feel it best to simply focus my efforts and energy into making the Wordpress blog at the very best it can be. I truly am delighted with the outcome of my site's redesign which I feel is more attractive than blogspot, easier to navigate, and far more pleasant for me to post and share from virtually anywhere. It's even browsable by category & I have implemented a course layout for the recipe menu! =)

I sincerely hope that all who have followed me here will continue to support my work by subscribing to my posts via Wordpress (toolbar), Networked Blogs, and/or Bloglovin. Soon I will set up a way for subscription via email as well, since several readers have queried regarding such an option.

I will also continue to update my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, & Pinterest accounts as often as possible - and of course I am now on Bleat.

Thanks to everyone for showing so much love and enthusiasm for my work and life's mission! Ⓥ♡★